Not sure whether you should purchase Ashy Bines Green Smoothie Revolution “book”?

Wait no further! Below is an information provided from the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge = Waste of $ Page; Source

This has been sent into us by a member that would like to remain anonymous:

Just a heads up for anyone who is stupid enough to contemplate purchasing the Green Smoothie e-Book.

Every single bit of info in this booklet is already available on Google, primarily from people such as Joe Cross who are living proof of the benefits of juicing and making smoothies. The fact Ashy is charging $20 for something that you can already get online for **free** from various forums and published websites by qualified professionals is something I find to be absolutely appalling. I just lost 10 kilos from smoothies and juices and I did it all for free on my own, thanks to Google and my own research. Ironically, I went on the juice and smoothie detox in the first place because the Ashy Bines guidelines made me incredibly ill to the point where my hormone levels were completely screwed to the point where I stopped getting my period, and my doctor said he was surprised I didn’t end up with kidney stones from what I was being told to eat.

I have never seen a single photo of Ashy to justify her ever needing to lose weight nor any supporting documentation of her knowledge and qualifications. As someone who blogs about the raw food movement every day, I am offended to see these greedy people trying to take more money from women when no one should ever be charging for this sort of information when it’s all readily available for free.

Something Ashy needs to remember with her sly advertising is that juicing and smoothies aren’t designed for speeding up anyone’s metabolism. Smoothies and Juices also aren’t designed to be consumed long term, so to state that it will speed up a persons metabolism is irresponsible due to the fact that as soon as they stop, their metabolism will 100% slow down again, and without the proper tools and advise people will relapse and gain all of the weight back finding it harder to get back into it a second time around. If she actually knew what she was talking about, she would understand that the purpose of these methods which are designed to detoxify the body are to absorb as many micronutrients as possible in order to repair any ill health and to assist in weight loss or what people such as Joe Cross would call ‘rebooting your system’.

Ashy, if you ever read this then remember that a lot of health professionals and weight loss bloggers worldwide are now onto you. The Green Smoothie Revolution email was sent around to at least 20 major bloggers in and outside of Australia today who are all advocates of healthy and steady weight loss. Trust me when I say, a lot of people in the health industry are banding together to ensure people like you who are destroying the industry reputation are thrown out – for good.

Please spread the word. Don’t let anyone get sucked into this money making scam.

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